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Sell your movies on Lucky Star DVD web site! The classified ad is free service and available to customers that made a purchase on this web site.

Lucky Star DVD will have no part in the transaction. Good luck and wealth.

How To Sell:

1 To start selling, you must log in. Not a customer? Just buy a movie on this web site.

2 Find the Sold Out Movies.

3 On the Alpha List, click on the yellow "$ Sell Movie". Or on the movie review page, click on blue "Sell Your Movie Here".

4 Select the condition of the movie, Used or New.

5 Enter the dollar amount and submit your ad.


1 Your ad will only appear on our Sold Out Movies.

2 You are responsible for making all the arrangements (Billing, Shipping, and E-Mailing Customer).

3 You are responsible for removing the ad.

4 Your first name, state, country, and E-Mail Address will apear on the ad.

5 Lucky Star DVD reserve the right to make changes without any notice.

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